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Floor Clearance Sale

*Material is Riviera - PVC, type is hinged unless otherwise stipulated in the notes.*
Width DropColourPriceNotes
19092130Uni White 100$1790.00Type – Sliding
17551442Uni White 100 $830.00
1159549Uni White 100$210.00
564555Uni White 100$105.00
17551448Uni White 100$835.00
25591787Uni White 100$1505.00
20042238Snow$1470.00Scratch on door
16991186Uni White 100$670.00
1789973Uni White 100$580.00
1757559Uni White 100$325.00
23561158Uni White 100$905.00
1769550Uni White 100$320.00
17611767White 101$1030.00
1564840Uni White 100$435.00
17741776Uni White 100$1040.00
17631165Uni White 100$700.00
1380563Uni White 100$270.00
23141174Rose 216$1130.00Timber
17131174Rose 216$840.00Timber
13651416White 101$640.00Fixed
6611857Uni White 100$410.00
5621857Uni White 100$350.00Scratch on door
6611857Uni White 100$410.00
11631258Gloss White $695.00Keyable locks. Aluminium