7 Best Ways To Get The Very Best Interior & Exterior Blinds In Townsville…

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7 Best Ways To Get The Very Best Interior & Exterior Blinds In Townsville…

Building a new home is a very exciting and often busy time.  There seems so much you have to get done.  All the meetings, all the selections, and all the decisions to make that will affect your new home.  You want it to be perfect.

So Many Decisions To Make

And amongst all this activity will be your decisions on the blinds that will match you desires for light, for privacy, for cost, and that certain look.

There have been some amazing changes in type, quality, colours and fitting styles for interior and exterior blinds in the last couple of years.  In fact, there is so much change coming through so quickly that the best builders are adding “Blinds Consultation” to the list of meetings that their clients attend.

Do You Need A Blinds Consultation?

Previously this might have been looked after by a colour consultant (or by you).  Now the options are so vast, you can get the best outcome by using the knowledge and wisdom of a specialist blinds advisor.

So here are the tips I share with clients that ensure that the blinds that protect your new are the best choice for you, now and into the future.

 7 Steps to Awesome Blinds Checklist

  1.  No matter what happens, choose a blind supplier who is located in Townsville, not just an agent for a southern supplier.   This means better quality control, and if something does go haywire – it can be fixed quickly and easily.  Plus there is no transport cost or delay involved
  2. Ensure the components and materials/fabrics are Australian made.  The UV, heat and conditions here in North Qld are extreme.
  3. Blinds must be made to measure – not just to “Standard Size”.  There can be very slight variations in new homes – and if this is not checked before making your blinds – it will not sit properly.
  4. Ensure that your supplier has access to a massive range of materials.  You do not want to be limited in your choice just because a consultant cannot access the best ranges.
  5. Check the references of your Blinds Consultant.  Make sure they are experienced, and have plenty of testimonials and recommendations.  Your builder will be a good person to ask about this.
  6. When you have your blinds consultation, be sure to look around their showroom (and workshop if they will let you!) so you can see their level of professionalism.
  7. Check the Warranties offered very carefully.  Because of our strict quality we give a full 5 Years Guarantee on all products.  Many suppliers (and agents) only provide 12 Months Limited Warranty.

When you are ready, call Blinds For You in Townsville on 07 4728 2656 for your Perfect New Home Blinds Consultation.

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